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About Sapphiro Technology

Sapphiro Technology has a vision and mission to become one of Singapore's most important technology company in the future which may also expand to the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. But for now, we'll just deal with web and mobile app development work which we already specialise in. Feel free to engage us for any web and app development project, CMS or fully customised web/apps. We deliver quality work at slightly lower than industry prices but would prefer not to have an urgent deadline.


For totally custom-made websites, we can also make them 100% HTML 5.0 compliant.
We are based in Singapore and accepts clients from anywhere around the world.


If you need to get your website or mobile app done, please feel free to contact us via the form below. (You can also PM us at Sapphiro Technology facebook page or e-mail to [email protected])


Singapore UEN: 202023388G — Conglomerate of Sapphiro entity in Singapore (Private Limited)

Our Clients & In-house Projects

Luxury watch brand (Web and mobile web)
Timing.com.sg is a custom-built e-commerce website fully built from scratch with HTML5, CSS3, core PHP, MySQL and JQuery.
Beauty Social Network (Web and mobile web)
Meryi.com is a custom-built lookbook social network coded using HTML5, CSS3, core PHP, MySQL and JQuery.
Career Social Network (Web and mobile web)
Altairo.com is a custom-built career search engine and social network coded using HTML5, CSS3, core PHP, MySQL and JQuery.
Diverse business group (Web and mobile web)
Our own website at Sapphiro.com is also custom-built from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, core PHP, MySQL and JQuery. Sapphiro.com is a multi-layer website with multiple sections.
Designer EZ-Link Cards By Sapphiro
Designer EZ-link cards store (Web and mobile web)
WhoNearMe (Concept Prototype)
GPS-based locator mobile web app (Prototype)
Pytha Project (CMS)
Progress management system for 3D objects creation
Demo login: super_admin
Password: 123456
Singasphere News Website
Front-end and CMS (Both web and mobile web)
Available in 4 language (Showcase project. Not marketed yet)
One-page JQuery-based web and mobile website
A utility tool especially useful for web developers who need to know the keycode of various computer keyboard keys.