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About Sapphiro Media

Sapphiro Media is an upcoming video and audio productions company with a focus in creating mixed Mandarin and English contents spoken naturally by Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese.


We will have a mixed line-up of Singaporeans, Malaysians, Taiwanese and Jakarta/Medan Indonesian Chinese who are based in Singapore or reside in Singapore periodically to reflect the diversity of the Chinese community in modern Singapore.


We differ from existing local YouTube scene with more frequent use of Mandarin, while also differing from Singapore's mainstream mandarin television by featuring the informal Mandarin and English that we speak instead of standard Mandarin and standard English seen on government-affiliated TV shows. We will also cast our artistes in a multi-racial environment, so from time to time we will also feature Malays, Indians, Eurasians, Filipinos, White people and mixed-race artistes among our Chinese/east asian casts. (There is no visible arab or african population in Singapore.)


Sapphiro Media aims to focus on the Mandarin portion of Singapore and Malaysia first, before branching out to Jakarta/Medan parts of Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Vietnam and Thailand.


Our ultimate goal is to be able to create high quality pan-ASEAN and pan-Greater East Asia short films, music videos and movies.

Contact Us

For collaboration opportunity (ideation, filmography or artiste development), please contact us at [email protected].