About Sapphiro Mall

Sapphiro Mall is a new e-commerce startup currently based in Singapore, but it is from the start planned to be a regional e-commerce that will span across Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong in early stages.


Sapphiro Mall uses the same Sapphiro account that is used on other Sapphiro entities, including Sapphiro Payment and Sapphiro Mints.


Better online shopping experience

Sapphiro Mall will not compete with other e-commerce websites in prices. In fact we might even charge a little more. However, based on our own online shopping experience, it is very common for online purchases from most websites to be delivered with defects, which actually causes more irritatbility to the customer. We are aiming for zero item defects by the time customers receive our products via delivery. All items sold by Sapphiro Mall will go through quality checks just before dispatching for delivery, and any items received still with defects somehow will get a replacement as long as it is within 7 days from the day it was delivered.


For any enquiries, feedback or complaints, please write to [email protected].